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Who We Are

Raincoast Music was created out of the need for developing artists to have a core team of mentors in a single source. A team that could enhance their songs and produce their music, translate and expand on their talents in live performance settings,build their brand through an expanded network of music and media industry professionals, and establish key partnerships with labels, agencies, multimedia, and sponsorships.

These elements are what today’s artists need in order to become successful and they represent the core of the Raincoast Music philosophy.


Paul Shatto

Music Development

Paul Shatto’s reputation as a producer and mixer has hit full stride, but his award-winning achievements have never really been about him. Instead, he defines his success through the artists he works with.  Whether they’re Raincoast talent like The Higgins, AJ Woodworth and Jetty Road or outside artists Chad Brownlee and Codie Prevost, it’s about their accomplishments well after they’ve left the studio.

Paul Shatto has a varied depth of musical experience, ranging from classical training and orchestral performance, to launching his own band. He attended CDIS (now called AI), where he developed his engineering skills and subsequently built a network within the music industry as well as the film/TV industry. From the sum of these collective experiences, he has carved out a special niche for music production and engineering.

Music industry veteran, David Wills joined forces with Paul Shatto and together they guided Delta, BC siblings, The Higgins, through two complete albums, national airplay and charting, as well as multiple BCCMA awards. Paul Shatto himself took home the BCCMA Award for Producer of the Year in 2011.

Given these rich experiences, it’s no surprise that Paul is widely respected among artists and peers for having one of the industry’s finer ears for music excellence in composition and performance.

Through Raincoast Music, Paul Shatto maintains a high level of commitment towards both the personal and musical development of his artists and he participates widely in the song arranging, live performance, music publishing, budgeting, marketing and business development of his clients.


Industry Acclaim for Paul Shatto

Mixer, BCCMA Single of the Year, “Smoke in the Rain” – Chad Brownlee, 2012

BCCMA Producer of the Year – 2011

Producer, BCCMA Album of the Year –  Real Thing by The Higgins, 2008

Producer, BCCMA Single of the Year –  “Flower Child” by The Higgins, 2008

Nominee, BCCMA Producer of the Year – 2012

Nominee, BCCMA Producer of the Year – 2010

Nominee, BCCMA Producer of the Year – 2009


“It’s not enough to make a great sounding record. We want to create music that will impact an artist and take them somewhere.”

David Wills

Artist Management

David Wills has four decades of history and experience music and media industry positions to share with Raincoast Music talent. As the driving force of Raincoast’s artist management division, he plays a key role in the career development of recording artists – whether co-ordinating tours and coaching live performances, or overseeing various production and writing aspects inside the recording studio.

As an artist manager he has played a key role in the career development of award winning Canadian country recording artists The Higgins (Open Road Recordings) and AJ Woodworth (604 Records),  plus newcomers Robyn and Ryleigh (Raincoast/MDM), and Champagne Republic. He has tour managed, booked shows and coached live performance.

In the studio, David Wills has been a co-producer, co-writer, session singer and production co-ordinator. He has also had a lengthy affiliation with one of Vancouver’s busiest commercial recording studios, The Sound Kitchen, doing marketing, talent casting and direction, and writing and performing on commercials.

As an artist, he was a member of Canadian pop/rock group Stonebolt, who achieved international chart success with four albums on two major labels in the 70’s and 80’s. David Wills currently sits on the board as a Director of the BC Country Music Association.




Industry Acclaim for David Wills

BCCMA Music Person of the Year – 2011

BCCMA/SOCAN Songwriter of the Year – “Flower Child” by The Higgins – 2008

SOCAN Airplay/Writer Award – Stonebolt

BC Association of Broadcasters Radio/Agency Creative Award

American Song Festival and Music City Song Festival Awards

RIAA Gold Record Awards – Stonebolt

Nominee, BCCMA Producer of the Year – 2009


“We want every artist who works with us to gain knowledge and experience that will fit into their overall career growth.”