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To build a successful career in music today requires consistent coordination; a constant stream of production collaboration, careful artist management and truly superb musical craftsmanship. The challenges facing artists to meet those demands are complicated and without a well-coordinated strategy to provide guidance, real success is difficult to achieve. From the start, an artist must make critical decisions about who to work with, what to work on and where to play.

The right management team will guide a new artist’s development while continuously supporting their creative growth. For established artists who may have reached their initial creative plateau, a strategic and more refined approach will enhance and re-invigorate their brands.

Raincoast Music is a boutique artist management and music production company that applies this approach. We work intimately with artists to develop meaningful careers that have the power to stay and craft songs and music that are not only relevant today, but will continue to resonate for years.

Raincoast was founded by an accomplished team of Paul Shatto and David Wills who are defined and driven by a strong sense of professional identity and a steady flow of creative energy. Together they ensure the Raincoast Music philosophy will be embodied by every Raincoast artist and that every Raincoast project can stand proud of its originality and creativity.

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