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Robyn & Ryleigh – First Radio Single

Raincoast Music is very pleased to announce the release of the first single for country-pop duo, Robyn & Ryleigh.  The song is called Just Another Sundown and it was written by  Steven Lee Olsen of Roots Three / Olé.

The track itself was produced here in Canada by Paul Shatto and David Wills with contributions from musicians Jay Buettner, Kyle Radomsky, Shane Hendrickson, Richard Sera and Rusty Danmyer.  The studios were Studio Downe Under and Vogville Recording.

The song is now spinning at several radio stations across Canada and you’ll be able to buy it on iTunes on March 26, 2013.

In the mean time, enjoy a listen to the single on the music page of Robyn & Ryleigh’s freshly remodeled website and stay tuned for the accompanying video later this month.

Special thanks to Mike Denny of MDM Recordings for distribution as well as Jasper Anson and Adrian Lock for promotions.

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