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Welcome To Raincoast Music

Hi, everyone.  And welcome to the Raincoast Music Website.

As many of you may already know, David Wills and I have been working for many years behind the scenes of a number of artists in our community, most notably for The Higgins and AJ Woodworth.  However, over the past several months the two of us have decided to take the plunge and formalize our working relationship under the banner of Raincoast Music Inc.

Our intention is to continue with the hard work we’ve been doing for the artists, but doing so within a stronger business framework.  This new structure will give us access to more resources and opportunities than what we were able to create for artists in the past.  All of which will serve our primary goal of raising the profiles and maintaining the careers of the musicians and songwriters with whom we are involved.

A big thank you to Jasper Anson who conceived and designed the site for us, along with the help of Samuel Dulmage for some of the graphic design.

Please take a moment or two to peruse the site and feel free to link to us on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks for visiting.